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Janda Food

Chutney Trio

Chutney Trio

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Introducing the Janda Chutney Trio – a delightful gift box featuring a colorful assortment of chutneys. Handcrafted in the UK in small batches and slowly simmered in open pans, these vegan-friendly chutneys are a treat for foodies, keen cooks, and cheese enthusiasts. The eye-catching gift box includes a perfect selection of accompaniments for cheese and crackers. Elevate your dining experience and surprise your loved ones with the Janda Chutney Trio.

 Benefits of the Janda Chutney Trio:

- Eye-catching and colorful gift box: Makes for an impressive and visually appealing present.

- Made in the UK in small batches: Ensures freshness, quality, and artisanal care.

- Slowly simmered in open pans: Preserves the authentic flavours and rich textures of each chutney.

- Suitable for vegans and vegetarians: Accommodates various dietary preferences, ensuring everyone can savour the flavours.

- Perfect accompaniments to cheese: Enhance your cheese platters and indulge in delightful flavour combinations.

 The Janda Chutney Trio is specially designed for foodies, keen cooks, and those seeking the perfect accompaniments for cheese. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or looking for a thoughtful gift, these chutneys are the perfect choice. Pair them with your favourite cheese and crackers for a delightful taste experience.

Unleash the flavours and vibrancy of our Janda Chutney Trio – a culinary delight handcrafted in the UK. Order now and elevate your dining moments or surprise your friends and family with this exquisite gift box. Let the Janda Chutney Trio become the centerpiece of your cheese platters, offering a delectable array of flavours to explore and enjoy. Enhance your culinary adventures and share the joy of artisanal chutneys with your loved ones.


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